2023 Fellows

2023 DSSRF group

Emilia Blechschmidt

I’m a mathematical economics major class of ’26. I’m from Allentown, PA. My project focuses on finding the most economically efficient way to distribute medical resources, specifically vaccines, from first world to third world countries. I hope to not only learn about this subject myself, but be able to spread awareness about the lack of necessary resources in other parts of the world.

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Muhammad Ahmed

Muhammad Ahmed, commonly known as Ahmed, hails from Pakistan and possesses a multifaceted passion for both Computer Science and Film/Media studies. Currently a rising sophomore, he aspires to pursue a double major in these fields. His research expertise centers around examining the profound influence of digital streaming services on the cinema industry and its audience.

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Danny Nolan

Danny Nolan (’25) is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Bucknell University. He is from Haddonfield, New Jersey, and is majoring in statistics with a minor in economics. His project details free agent contracts in Major League Baseball, both from a historical perspective and a predictive, statistical perspective. His goal is to understand what statistics lead to more lucrative deals and how the statistics that MLB teams care about have…

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Omid Mohammadi

Omid Mohammadi is a dedicated and ambitious computer science student at Bucknell University, hailing from the class of 2025. With a passion for leveraging technology to make a positive impact, Omid is actively involved in independent research with the DSSRF (Digital Scholarship Summer Research Fellows) this summer. His research focuses on creating comprehensive databases on the topic of the Hazara Genocide, while also developing visual maps to showcase the locations where these devastating attacks have…

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